Google Account Transfer (Conflicting Accounts)

Prior to User Live in Google

Prior to users going live they can try to log into their previous account with one of the following email formats and previous password.

  • Example -  (replace dhr with agency)

  • Example -   (replace dhr with agency)

Once User is Live in Google

Set up  - Google Account Transfer

What isn't a conflicting account?

Personal Google Accounts that don't use your organization's Google address as the primary or alias email address. For example, a personal Gmail account ( isn't a conflicting account.

If you had a personal account registered with a email address you will be asked to transfer your account to the  new “organizational account”.

How users accept transfer requests

You will know if you had a email address registered with Google if you receive an email like the one below. In the email, you will click Transfer my account. When you do, you’re prompted to sign in to your personal Google Account, if you are not already signed in.

The user must agree to certain terms to initiate the transfer.

Check I understand and agree to the google terms of service and the google privacy policy and click on Complete account    transfer.

What happens if a user declines to transfer?

If the user clicks Decline request in the email, they’ll be prompted to rename their personal account when IT Admin creates their new managed Google Account.

What happens if a user ignores the request?

IT Admin will create a new account in your organization's managed Google Account with the same email address as the user.  The user will be prompted to rename their old account when IT Admin creates their new managed Google Account.