Esna Capabilities

Esna Fax and Voicemail

Esna OfficeLink Fax Capabilities

  • Send Faxes - Faxes can be sent through the web portal or by email. Sending a fax be email requires the sender to compose the email address as After sending the initial fax email, the user will receive a confirmation email with an activation link. Clicking the activation link will complete the sending of the fax.

  • Receive faxes - Faxes can be received as PDF or TIFF files into a user’s email mailbox.

Esna CloudLink Capabilities

  • CloudLink allows users to manage their voicemail messages in their mailbox. Messages are delivered as MP3 files. Reading messages in a user’s mailbox will mark them read on their Cisco voicemail system. Deleting messages from a user’s mailbox will delete them from their Cisco voicemail account.