Google Groups provide discussion groups for people with common interests. 

This page provides answers to commonly asked questions about getting started with Google Groups.

How do I access my Google Groups?

While in Google Mail, click on the app selector and select the Groups app.

Where are my groups?

How do I know what Groups I have access to?

In the Groups app, click on My Groups to see the Google Groups you have access to.  
My groups

I'm getting too many emails. How do I change the number of emails I receive from a Group?

In the Groups app, select My Groups which will display all Groups you belong to.  Set your email preference for each group by selecting the drop-down list to the right of your name.

Groups manage preference

How do I remove myself from a Group?

Here is a resource on unsubscribing from a group.  Please consider changing your email delivery preferences before removing yourself from a group.

How do I request access to a Google Group?

I'm a Group manager, now what?