Commonwealth of Virginia,
VITA Welcomes You to G Suite!

Who is a super user at your agency?

AITRs only: to opt in, use this Google Drive service catalog form.

Hosted mail archiving (Veritas) will no longer be available after March 31, 2020.

Getting Started

What should you do on day one in G Suite? Let's take some time to get set up and started with all the new messaging tools in G Suite. View Day One

Get Help

Check out other ways to get the help you need. Get help

Training and How-To

Looking for general information about G Suite as well as useful tips and tricks? Check out the Training and How-To page. Take a look at a list of known issues.


Now that you've learned the basics, let's save some time! These resources provide general information about G Suite as well as useful tips and tricks. View training videos

G Suite Updates

See the new features and fixes for G Suite. G Suite updates

Top 5 Tips
  • G Suite Training extension - Download the G Suite Training Google help iconextension for Chrome. It will install a "help" button on the top right of your page that gives you simple and interactive training lessons.

  • Okta single sign-on - You don't have to log on to your computer and then log in to Gmail. Use Okta for single sign-on

  • Gmail labels - Use labels to organize your email. Labels work like folders, but you can add more than one label to a message. Read how to organize your Gmail inbox using labels.
  • Virtru - Click here to see what your Virtru activation email looks like.


G Suite and related messaging services, including email, are part of the commonwealth's new information technology infrastructure services provided by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA).