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Early Adopters

Early adopters is the second phase of the commonwealth’s transition to Google messaging using G Suite. This phase includes approximately 13,000 end users representing a few whole agencies as well as individual agency participants. Early adopters have a key role to become organizational change agents for other co-workers and other commonwealth agencies by promoting Google-based messaging benefits and sharing operational expertise. Some users from this group will also become “Google Guides” and assist their peers during transition. Participants from this group provide critical feedback in the areas of training and change management to enable VITA and Tempus Nova to optimize a successful approach for the final phase of all remaining commonwealth users.
Tentative Transition Timeline

With the understanding that the below timelines may be subject to change, this schedule provides insight into the approach and communications to be expected by early adopters.

Mid-December -- Communications about participation, Google Guide responsibilities and training registration

Early January 2018 -- Reminders to register and attend online training session

Jan. 8-19 -- Online training sessions for all users

Jan. 10 -- Information about data migration from Outlook to messaging G Suite – including the request to conduct some mailbox cleanup

Jan. 18 -- Communication about activities to be undertaken on the first day of the transition to messaging G Suite

Jan. 22 -- Welcome message for messaging G Suite along with a list of contacts and resources

G Suite and related messaging services, including email, are part of the commonwealth’s new information technology infrastructure services provided by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA).