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VITA hosted two Google enhancement forums in May for state agencies and their agency information technology resources (AITRs). The sessions were designed for agencies to share thoughts and propose ideas to improve G Suite for all state employees. More than 100 agency personnel participated in the sessions, which yielded nearly 70 suggestions and enhancements. Agencies representatives voted on their top choices, which will be presented to the Customer Advisory Council (CAC) to generate implementation recommendations to the CIO.
A comprehensive list of the suggestions and a breakdown of the voting results is attached below. Thank you to all who participated.

                                                             Enhancements listAMPM% of total votes
2.   Have own Google domain13810.88%
55.  PM- Complete administrative control for your agency 136.74%
12.  AM- Sharing documents directly from applications (Office/Acrobat/Affixa/Nitro)724.66%
30.  Google Drive permissions granular enough to not require security exception714.15%
44.  AM- Access to delegated mailbox on smartphone/mobile354.15%
17.  AM- Expand distribution list in “to” line of email (see individual recipients)7 3.63%
3.   AM- More granular global address list513.11%
4.   DLP enhancements and implementation (Virtru settings and native Google) – *agency admin access to Virtru to set policies6 3.11%
7.   AM- Seamless encryption on mobile513.11%
13.  AM- Google remote desktop extension513.11%
21.  AM- Clickable UNCs for shared internal resources333.11%
51.  PM- Administrative self-help over shared resources (shared mailboxes, distribution lists, etc.) 63.11%
57.  PM- More streamlined Chrome browser extension approval process (or no process at all?) 63.11%
59.  PM- Enable 3rd party cookies 52.59%
20.  AM- Monthly webinar/forum/roadmap to discuss G Suite capabilities (one for tech, one for end-users)312.07%
39.  AM- Send an email and attach another thread to it222.07%
47.  AM- Sort by subject/sender/date for mass deletes, etc.222.07%
8.   Resources (ex: DLs and calendars) locked down to only being seen by owning agency3 1.55%
9.   AM- Ability to see free/busy, who has reserved rooms3 1.55%
10.   “Format painter” option when composing email message3 1.55%
11.  AM- Turn on labs features in shared mailboxes211.55%
18.  AM- Receive email you sent to distribution list you are a member of211.55%
26.  Vault retention periods with agencies3 1.55%
33.  Chrome being an Enterprise application121.55%
38.  “Send secure” for SMTP relay3 1.55%
40.  AM- Expanded headers in string of emails (capture entire history of message vs. last email)211.55%
43.  AM- More choices in terms of retention duration in Vault/mailbox211.55%
15.  AM- Google sync contacts complete data between PC and mobile device111.04%
24.  Migration Vault data to HMA (make HMA “whole”)2 1.04%
31.  Off-boarding process for in G Suite 21.04%
35.  Using hangouts for conference bridges (requires Enterprise lic)111.04%
45.  AM- Indicator of where you were in inbox when you look at an email and go back to the list (highlight last selected email)2 1.04%
46.  AM- Hangout with all agencies111.04%
48.  PM- Sync phone numbers/attributes from active directory (use Exchange as baseline) 21.04%
52.  PM- Crosswalk between Google and active directory 21.04%
56.  PM- Sending emails through Access and mail merge 21.04%
60.  PM- Download messages including attachments/header info and package them 21.04%
62.  PM- Email recall option 21.04%
68.  PM- Functional delivery and read receipt 21.04%
5.   AM- Ability to override DLP1 0.52%
6.   AM- Virtru enhanced to inspect all attachments for DLP1 0.52%
16.  Define process for self-creation of distribution lists (mail enabled security groups in AD) 10.52%
22.  AM- Build tables in Gmail1 0.52%
23.  AM- Expandable left pane (labels, etc. – resize the frame)1 0.52%
34.  Enabling video sharing1 0.52%
36.  More information around 2nd factor for Okta1 0.52%
50.  PM- Virtru bump message on whether you want to encrypt or not – ask instead of auto 10.52%
53.  PM- More “how-to” articles on the messaging support site (how does it work in our implementation of G Suite?) 10.52%
54.  PM- Attributes/data/features authoritative in another source not be able to modify in G Suite 10.52%
58.  PM- Create checklist of things an extension is not allowed to do (send mail data to 3rd party) – if it doesn’t do it, approve it 10.52%
63.  PM- Enable all G Suite apps (Drive dependent) 10.52%
66.  PM- OOO management – more granular start/stop time 10.52%
69.  PM- CJIS compliance for G Suite 10.52%
1.   New Google interface  0.00%
14.  Google contacts syncing to AirWatch users handheld  0.00%
19.  AM- View attachment before sending without clicking (preview screen)  0.00%
25.  What to do with data where they have Vault data and didn’t want it  0.00%
27.  Enterprise direction with Cisco IronPorts  0.00%
28.  Getting off ListServ (Google groups)  0.00%
29.  Google Sites migration  0.00%
32.  Auto-forwarding request process (internal vs. external)  0.00%
37.  MDM reporting by agency for BYOD charge back  0.00%
41.  AM- Move email from one mailbox to another  0.00%
42.  AM- Selectively move whole sets from HMA to Vault (include date of original message)  0.00%
49.  PM- Email addresses that are not correct  0.00%
61.  PM- Increase time to recall a message (customizable, more than 30 seconds)  0.00%
64.  PM- Administrative ability to reset device PIN on handheld  0.00%
65.  PM- Ability to schedule an email to send at a future time/date  0.00%
67.  PM- OOO message body based on internal/external contacts  0.00%