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Welcome and G Suite support information

Sent March 21, 2018 to all AITRs in final messaging go-live: 


Below is a communication welcoming all end users to G Suite. It also provides the support model for the Gmail transition. Only include the highlighted section if it applies to your agency. Please forward to your staff so that they receive it first thing Monday morning, March 26. Please copy your customer account manager (CAM) when you distribute to your staff.


You are now live in G Suite! Your mail, calendar and contact data has been migrated to Google. A special thank you for your patience and understanding of any issues you may experience during your transition to Google.

Please feel free to explore your new messaging G Suite and customize your Gmail and calendar to best fit the way that you like to work. You are encouraged to try these below activities: 

Take the recommended actions found in the "day one"communication along with the below steps to set up your new Google Mail account.

  1. Set up single sign-on with Okta so you don't have to log in to your computer and into Gmail.
  2. Spot check messages that appear in your Gmail Inbox. Remember, there is certain data that will not migrate to Google.
  3. Verify that your labels in Google mirror your folder structure in your previous email account. Then modify, create, and rename your Labels. If you recognize some folders you expected to migrate are missing, these are likely contained in your local archive .pst files. Instructions to migrate these .pst files and the associated folders are available on the G Suite Messaging support site.
  4. Set up rules using Google Filters.
  5. Review the Labs available in Gmail.
  6. Review your personal Signature as it was migrated from Microsoft Outlook.
  7. Invite colleagues to chat using Google Hangouts.
  8. Review your Contacts.

Below are the recommended first actions to take in Google Calendar to set up and personalize your calendar:

  1. Setup your time zone, working hours, default views and other preferences in Calendar Settings.
  2. Share your calendar with other colleagues.
  3. Make sure all meetings are present in your Google calendar. Please remember that calendar migrations are never perfect. When you access your account, you may need to recreate missing events. You may also experience some issues with recurring calendar events. You are requested to only contact the VCCC when your entire calendar is missing, and not just individual events.


Outlook access:  
You can continue to use Outlook on your desktop to view your email. Instructions on how to sync your Google mail to Outlook can be found at G Suite Sync for Microsoft Office. If you choose this option, you should sync immediately.


Support resources available for messaging G Suite

Since we expect heavy call volumes and wait times on the G Suite help line and the VCCC, we strongly encourage you to try the self-help resources.


  • G Suite phone support for 'how-to' questions only: Call the toll-free number (844) 427-0555 or thelocal number (804) 552-8610. If you are locked out of email, unable to send mail, etc. please contact VCCC by following the instructions below. Be aware there may be long wait times. 


  • VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC): VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC): Use the guidelines below to determine if you should contact the VCCC.

    1. DO NOT call or mail the VCCC for general how-to questions that aren't significantly impacting your ability to work. Examples include: how to add a label, how to move favorites from Internet Explorer to Chrome, how to change the view of your inbox, etc. For these types of issues please follow these steps: 
  • Check the messaging G Suite support site at http://messaging.vita.virginia.gov 
  • Speak with a Google Guide at your location
  • Register for a Q&A session above
  • Check the messaging G Suite support site for known issues 
  • G Suite phone support for 'how-to' questions only: Call the toll-free number (844) 427-0555 or the local number (804) 552-8610
  • If your question is still unanswered email the VCCC at vccc@vita.virginia.gov
    1.  DO CALL (not email) the VCCC for issues significantly disrupting your ability to work. Examples include: not being able to log in to Gmail, not being able to sync Google to Outlook, not being able to send/receive emails.

If you have tried all support options and are still having issues, please call the  VCCC at (866) 637-8482 for assistance