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Listserv to Groups

Google Groups mail lists

o Google Groups can be used to manage and send to large email lists such as distribution lists or mail lists. 

o Groups is included with G Suite licenses and therefore does not require the purchase of a license.  

o Simple to request via VCCC.

o Access directly from the G Suite apps launcher.

o Owners of Groups have the ability to configure settings to their needs.

o Groups is a supported service under the messaging service tower.

o You can find additional information on Groups on the G Suite messaging support site: 

o Google Groups FAQs

o Manage Groups Settings

o Groups Resource Calendars and Shared Accounts

Google Groups limitations

Google Groups is an excellent option for most agency’s email list. Please note that there are some limitations that you should be aware of. Prior to using Google Groups for your email lists, make sure that the message limits below will not be an immediate or longterm issue: 




Total external recipients** per group

Maximum number of external recipients a single group can send to

50,000 per day

Total external recipients** per G Suite account

Maximum number of external recipients all groups in the COV G Suite account can send to

100,000 per day

Total message size

Maximum total gigabytes (GB) a single group can send

2.4 GB per hour***


How to request a Google Group email list

Requesting a new Google Groups email list is easy: 

1.    Submit a request for a Google Groups distribution list.

1.    The list should include: 

1.    Name of the list

2.    Owner(s) of the list

3.    A list of all internal and external recipients

2.    Your list will be created in Active Directory and the ticket submitter will be informed when the list has been created and the ticket is marked as complete.