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G Suite Updates

Information on G Suite Updates

October 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Google gave all G Suite license levels (basic, business and enterprise) the ability to host 250 participants on a Google Hangouts/Meet. This feature will expire on Oct. 1 and each license level will revert to their normal participant limits, listed below.
  • Basic: 100 participants
  • Business: 150 participants
  • Enterprise: 250 participants

May 2020

April 2020

Google Meet teleconference information is automatically added as an option to a calendar notice when you schedule a meeting. If you do not want this information included, click “Add Google Meet video conferencing” when setting up the meeting; then, click the X that is displayed to the right to remove the conference from the invitation.

March 2020

During the current COVID-19 state of emergency, all license levels can host 250 participants in Google Hangouts/Meet.

November 2019 

The maximum number of participants in a Google Hangouts Meet has been increased as follows: basic: 100; business: 150; enterprise: 250.

January 2019

There's a new look and feel coming for Gmail on mobile. Learn more here.

October 2018

The "Smart Compose" feature in Gmail will be available in October. This feature helps fill in common phrases and other relevant information. Smart Compose is on by default for all G Suite users. It can be turned off in Gmail general settings (Smart Compose > Writing suggestions off). Read the information at the links below to learn more about it:

September 2018

On Oct. 16, you will be upgraded to the new Gmail interface if you have not already made the switch manually. Google originally scheduled this automatic upgrade for Sept. 18 but moved it to Oct. 16. If you have toggled back to the classic interface, you will be upgraded on Oct. 16 to the new interface.

The new Gmail has several features designed to help you better manage your email -- and your time. For example, in the new Gmail you can:

● Snooze an email until you’re ready to reply. This feature is only available if you have “conversation view” enabled.

 Get reminded to follow up or respond to old emails.

● Reply with a response automatically suggested based on the email you received.

● Use Gmail offline without the Chrome app. This feature is not enabled currently but may be in the future.

Additionally, you will notice a new side panel in Gmail where you can quickly reference, create or edit calendar invites, capture ideas in Keep, or manage to-dos in Tasks all within your inbox. Simply drag and drop an email from Gmail into Tasks to create a new task. You can also view tasks with due dates on your calendar. While the side panel also makes it easy to access Gmail add-ons, we will not be adopting third party apps at this time.

A feature that some may have read about -- confidential mode -- is not part of this rollout.

Here are additional resources to help you get familiar with new Gmail: