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Below are some examples of how government employees can use Google Drive.
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  • Make safety training more accessible and easier to attend, and decrease safety incidents at the work.
  • Simplify planning and organization by updating the calendar event directly, or setting up attendance reminders.
Manage offsite project budgets on a mobile device
  • Compile budget data into a single source to make decisions faster and more visible to other managers.
  • Automatically notify other managers when it's their turn to review a spreadsheet.
  • All reviewers can access your budget from anywhere.
Measure supplier performance with a scorecard
  • Compare results from all suppliers in a summary tab and award top suppliers for their performance.
  • Easily maintain historical performance records for each supplier.
Manage inventory for inclement weather supplies
  • It’s easy for all stakeholders to review inventory and ensure preparedness.
  • Stakeholders have mobile device access to record inventory levels on a live, shared sheet.
  • They can set up conditional formatting to highlight when levels fall below the desired amount.
Notify warehouse of delivery, and request pickup
  • The process of receiving and staging inventory is streamlined.
  • Important items can easily be flagged for special handling. Fewer items are misplaced.
  • Sheets can send automatic notifications to inform each department when inventory is ready.
Troubleshoot issues with live video calls
  • Workers can show problems instead of explaining them, reducing the time spent resolving difficult issues.
  • Workers have quick and easy access to solution documentation.
  • Issues can be escalated or reported to managers more easily.