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Known Issues

Below are known issues with the G Suite deployment. Where possible, solutions or workarounds are displayed. This list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Issue Description Fix/Resolution
Chrome extensions disabled Unable to add an extension to Chrome Contact your agency information security officer (ISO) to request extensions. See the list of "Approved Chrome extensions"
Email not being delivered to my inbox If Chrome is left inactive, messages might not appear to be delivered to your inbox.  Hit the refresh button and new messages will appear.
Virtru scanning capabilities Virtru only scans .txt and .pdf files. Excel, Word and other attachments are not scanned. VITA is researching this issue. Resolution is pending. (This is a limitation within Virtru)
Removing contacts Some contacts are duplicated; some are not functional. There is a manual way to remove contacts. See "Removing contacts"
User name display The name that shows up on Gmail is the legal name pulled from PMIS. This is sometimes not the desired display name. See "Change user display name"
Some functions not working in Chrome At this time Chrome is configured as an email client, not a browser. Use Internet Explorer as the browser.
For agencies that use Chrome for their applications, extensions will need to receive an exception from the agency ISO and VITA security.
Multiple sign-ins required Users are asked to sign in to Gmail after signing in to their personal computers Use the Okta dashboard for single sign-on.
"Approval pending" message received when attempting to load Google mobile device management (MDM) All current AirWatch users will have access to MDM after migration. All new users will need to have the box on the COV Network Account Request form for MDM checked to receive access to MDM.  Some new users may receive the "approval pending" message. If you receive that message, check with your agency's IT resource staff to make sure MDM has been requested for your account.
Cannot open hyperlinks on mobile device Some Android users are not able to launch hyperlinks or copy and paste the links into a browser. Due to policy settings with Google mobile device management on Android devices, users cannot launch hyperlinks or copy and paste from the work profile to the personal space. These settings, however, do not apply to iOS devices.
Message in email indicating that virus scanners are temporarily unavailable This is generally caused by connection issues. Close and then re-open the message. If the message persists, call the VCCC.        
Previously disabled accounts "bounce" after being enabled. Accounts that were disabled then reenabled do not get added back to distribution lists or Google Groups.  Users must call the service desk with this issue. Technicians will walk the user through the steps to reset their bounce status and re-enable mail delivery for all their groups.