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Mobile Devices

Set Up your Mobile Device to Access G Suite


Access your G Suite account from anywhere, on any device! Click on the proper device below for instructions on setting up your mobile device. If you experience any issues setting up your device with the instructions provided, please contact the VITA Customer Care Center, (866) 637-8482.

NOTE: You must remove AirWatch prior to setting up Google email on your mobile device (except for VSP, DOC Coris Mobile users and VDOT Secure Browser users).

*It is important to also notify your AITR that AirWatch has been removed from your device because uninstall does not stop the billing.

*Removing AirWatch does not apply to VSP, DOC CORIS users and VDOT Secure Browser users. You will continue to use AirWatch. However, you will still download the Gmail application to your mobile device and use it to get to your new Gmail mailbox.

Click for instructions on the following devices:

Training videos for Android and iOS can be found on the COV Learning Center and on the Virginia Government YouTube channel.

For Mobile Device Management FAQs, click here.


G Suite and related messaging services, including email, are part of the commonwealth’s new information technology infrastructure services provided by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA).