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Mobile Devices- Android

Android Devices

***Before attempting to install MDM on your device, please make sure you have the proper approval*** 

Part One: Uninstall AirWatch

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Security
  3. Select Device or Phone Administrators
  4. Uncheck AirWatch Admin Service
  5. Click Deactivate

Part Two: Install Mobile Device Management on Android

1) Locate the Gmaiapp on your Android device. If it is not installed, please download and install the app from the Play Store.

  • If you already have the Gmail App on your device, go to #3 below. 
  • If you do not already have the Gmail App on your device, go to #2 below. 

2) After installing the Gmail App, and it's launched, click “GOT IT” at the bottom,

3) Add your WORK email address. 


4) On the "Set Up Email" screen, select "Google." 


5) Enter your WORK email address. Click "Next" when finished. 

6) Once your work email has been entered, please select “ACCEPT” in the bottom right corner.

7) When you are redirected to the Okta sign in page, enter in your WORK email address and password. After your credentials are entered, click “Sign in

8) Once your credentials have been verified, you will be directed to another Okta page where you will need to answer your security question. Insert your answer and click “Verify.”

9) Once you get to the “Google Apps Device Policy” page, select “Next.”

10) The Device Policy page will ask to install the policy on your device. Select “Install.”

11) The next page gives a brief description of the policy that is being installed. Select “Next” to continue.

12) If “Allow Device Policy to make and manage phone calls” pops up, select “Allow.”

13) The next page will ask you to create a work profile. Click “Next” to continue. If you select “Not Now”, the process will end and you will have to start over.

14) Read the terms and conditions. Select “Agree” to continue. If “Disagree” is selected, the process will end and MDM will not be installed on your device.

15) The next page will ask you to “Set Up Your Work Profile.” Select “Next” to continue.

16) The next page explains the organization policies associated/enforced with the work profile. Select “OK” to continue. 

17) (With Admin Approval Error) 

If you receive the below referenced error after step 16, please consult with your manager to complete the COV Account Request form. The entire form needs to be completed (In the Internet Explorer Browser). Under Section 4 of the COV Account Request Form, the format needs to be completed as listed below. Once completed, submit for approval. After a few hours to a day later, please try steps 1-17 again. 

18) Once your device has been approved and the work profile has been created, there will be an application group labeled “WORK” somewhere on your devices home screen.

19) Click inside the “Work” application group, and you will see that all of your Gmail related apps are inside. Please give some time for your data to sync to your device from the servers.