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Mobile Devices- Windows

Windows Mobile

  1. To uninstall AirWatch, take the following steps:
    • Tap "Apps"
    • Tap "Settings"
    • Scroll down and select "Accounts"
    • Select the "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Account"
    • Select the "UMHS Exchange Mailbox"
    • Access the "Additional Options" menu in Sync Settings
    • Tap "Remove Account"
    • Tap "Remove Account" again to delete all of the account's content
  2. Download the Gmail app
  3. Once downloaded, open the app and type in your primary email address in the prompt shown below.
  4. You will be redirected to Okta to login. Use your Active Directory credentials that you use to login to your COV computer.
  5. Click "Accept" to accept the Terms for your Google Account’s Mobile Device Management solution.
  6. Click "OK" to acknowledge that an administrator must first approve your device.
  7. Once approved, you will be able to sign into your device.

*Please work with your AITR to remove AirWatch from your agency billing.