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Collaborative inbox

How do I convert a shared mailbox to a Google collaborative inbox?
To request a conversion please open a ticket with the VCCC and include the following information:
Please convert the following email address to a user managed Google Group. It needs to be modified in Active Directory so that it will no longer be part of the Google Cloud Directory Sync process.
1. Email address: 
2. Do you currently have any data in that Gmail account that you need to save? If the answer is yes, please indicate that and ask that the current account be renamed so you don’t lose that data.
3. List the email addresses of the users in your agency who need to access this group.
4. Indicate if the addresses listed in #3 should have the ability to send from this group using that email address.
5. Indicate who should be able to send to that address:
a. Only members
b. Members and anyone with a COV Gmail address
c. All of the above plus the public
Note: By default this group will not be added to the directory and no one will be allowed to ask to join, they will have to be invited by you. If you want to change that please indicate that in the ticket.

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