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Shared Mailboxes

Accessing Shared Mailboxes with GSSMO (G Sync Tool for Outlook Client) 

Step 1: Navigate to Start\G Suite Sync\Add Account for Delegation 

Step 2: Enter the FULL email address associated with the shared mailbox 
- Ex: Shared Mailbox Name == JamesTestMailbox 
- Full Email Address == JamesTestMailbox@vita.virginia.gov 

Step 3: After the shared mailbox has been added successfully, you should receive this prompt. (Please See Below

Step 4: Open the Outlook client and select the account associated with your G Suite profile. (Please See Below

Step 5: Once you open the Outlook client, you will see this prompt. It just means that the Outlook client is pulling synced data from the Gmail Servers. (Please See Below

Step 6: Verify that you are able to successfully access the shared mailbox via the Outlook client. (Please See Below

G Suite and related messaging services, including email, are part of the commonwealth’s new information technology infrastructure services provided by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA).