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Okta: SMS authentication

When you log in to Gmail but are not on the COV network, you will need to provide a second authentication method. Using SMS authentication (text message) on your smartphone is one way to do this. To sign in, you must enter a security token that is sent to your mobile device.

How to set up SMS authentication:

  1. Navigate to https://virginia.okta.com

  2. Click on your username, click the dropdown button, and select “Settings”

  3. Click the "Setup" button beside "Text Message Code."

  4. Enter the mobile phone number where you want your security tokens sent.

  5. Enter the security token that was sent to your phone.

  6. To reset and configure your settings if you lose your phone or get a new phone number, select the "Account" tab on your homepage and then click the "Setup" button in the "Extra Verification" section.

  7. If you already have a mobile telephone number verified in Okta, the following message appears:

    SMS authentication