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Okta: Voice call authentication

When you log in to Gmail but are not on the COV network, you will need to provide a second authentication method. Using voice call authentication is one way to do this. To sign in, you must enter a security token that is generated, then sent to you via phone call from a mobile device or land line phone.

How to set up voice call authentication:
  1. Navigate to https://virginia.okta.com

  2. Click on your username, click the dropdown button, and select “Settings”

  3. Click the "Setup" button beside "Voice Call"

  4. Enter the number for the mobile or landline phone on which you want to receive the call. An extension number can be entered for landline business phones, as shown below.

  5. Click the "Call" button

  6. The number is verified with a call and a "Call is in progress ..." message appears. Enter the provided code into the "Enter code" box.

  7. Click the "Verify" button, then "Done," if needed.

Signing in after voice call is set up

When signing in for an Okta session, you will be presented with the "Enter your voice call verification code" page.
voice call authentication

  1. To authenticate, click the "Call" button. 

  2. Receive the call message from your mobile device or land line phone. This voice call provides the required code.

  3. Enter the code into the "Enter code" box and click the "Verify" button. You will be authenticated into Okta.