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Requesting access to account

Requesting access to an account for an employee who leaves state service
or is on extended leave

When a request is made to deprovision an account (when an employee leaves state service) or to disable an account (when an employee is on extended leave) and someone (a manager or designee) needs access to the departed employee's email account, please follow these directions:

Employee leaving state service:

On the
COV Account Request form:
  • Choose "COV Network Account" from the "Account Request Selection" dropdown list
  • Complete section 1 as appropriate and choose "Disable" in the "Type of Request" field
  • Complete sections 2 and 3 as appropriate
  • In section 4, include the following in the comments field:
    • "Provide mail delegation to (insert name of designee(s) and email address(es)) to access the account."
  • Complete sections 5 and 6 as appropriate
  • Submit

Please note that your AITR or ISO must provide approval for this request.

When access to the mailbox is no longer needed, a request should be made via the VCCC to remove the delegate access.

Note: When an account is inactive for 90 days, it will be disabled automatically.

Employee on extended leave:

If someone needs to have access during the time period that an employee is out, follow the steps above and indicate in section 4 that this is temporary for a long-term absence.

Note: When an account is inactive for 90 days, it will be disabled automatically.

Reactivating an account 

To reactivate the account when the employee returns, submit a ticket to the VITA Customer Care Center, with AITR or ISO approval, and indicate that the account should be reactivated and the delegated access removed.

After delegation

Once delegation has been granted, those with permission to access the account can access it by clicking on their profile icon (upper right-hand side in Gmail). The account will be displayed in the drop-down list.


How many people can have access to a disabled account?

Up to 24 people can have access.

What happens to the Google license when an account is disabled?

Licenses remain in effect on a disabled account. Licenses are only fully removed when an account is fully deleted.

My employee’s account was already deprovisioned. Can I still request access to the mailbox?

Delegating access to an account can be done up to 90 days after an account has been deprovisioned.