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SMTP application relay information

The commonwealth SMTP relay system consists of internally load-balanced SMTP relay servers. 

If you have a requirement to relay messages through the commonwealth SMTP relay:

 1.    If you are a transformed agency or within the LAN at CESC

a.   Use csmtp.cov.virginia.gov (

b.   No authentication is required

c.    Port 25

d.   TLS is supported but not required

e.   Please send from a valid externally recognized domain

                                         i.    Example: application@vita.virginia.gov; application@vdot.virgina.gov

                                       ii.    The following examples are not supported and may not work as intended: root@local.localdomain; lap3245@cov.virginia.gov; test@wap3846.cov.virgina.gov


2.    If external to the MPLS network

a.   Use cmail.vita.virgina.gov (

b.   A firewall rule will need to requested in the following format

                                         i.    Example: SourceIP: DestIP: Port:25

c.    No authentication is required

d.   TLS is supported but not required

e.   Port 25


3.    Testing SMTP

a.   Open a command prompt window, type telnet, and then press Enter.

b.   Type OPEN csmtp.cov.virginia.gov 25, and then press Enter.

                                         i.    If you are external Type OPEN cmail.vita.virgina.gov 25, and then press Enter.

c.    At this point you should see an ECHO at the top of the screen

                                         i.    If you do not see this response form the server you will need to put in a ticket with the VCCC for further troubleshooting.