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Vault for End Users

If Vault is turned on for your account, Gmail will not delete messages in your Trash that are affected by a hold or retention rule. Messages remain in Trash until all holds and retention rules expire, shortly after which they’re deleted forever. 

Essentially, the Trash folder becomes your personal archive. You can recover messages by simply accessing your Trash folder. 

Important Notes: 
  • You have the ability to delete messages that are in the Trash folder. Please note: if you delete messages in Trash, the deleted messages will not be recoverable by you. However, the messages will still be recoverable and under the same hold or retention rule within Vault. 
  • With G Suite you now have unlimited storage in your mail account so you no longer have to delete email just to stay below your storage quota. It's recommended that instead of deleting email you instead organize it within Gmail labels and keep them there for easy access for as long as your agency’s retention policy allows.
  • The hosted mail archiving (HMA) service is not being decommissioned at this time. The data that is currently in there from before your G Suite go-live date is still there and still accessible to you via the standard browser login.
  • Best practices to utilize your Trash as a personal archive: 
    • Do not empty your Trash folder
      • This way your deleted email will stay there for as long as your agency’s retention policy will allow.
      • Note: If you delete the message from the Trash label, you can no longer find it yourself. Only a privileged Vault user will be able to find it for the duration of the agency retention policy.
    • Use Gmail via the web browser. 
      • Using the Trash folder as you personal archive is only applicable for Gmail via the browser, not the Google Sync for MS Outlook tool
        • The reason for this is that your Trash folder in Outlook will need to hold all of this deleted email too, and the .PST file that is created when it gets too large. It starts to take longer and longer to load and could become unstable.