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How to Send Secure with G Suite & Gmail

Control Forwarding 

Revoking Email Access

Virtru FAQs

How Recipients that do not have Virtru Open Your Message


For Virtru FAQs, click here.

Virtru Setup

Gmail / Chrome

Step 1. Users who have Virtru licenses were sent an email with an invitation to activate Virtru. Locate that email. 

Step 2. Open the email and click the link to activate your license. 

Step 3. Download the Virtru Chrome extension. 

If you cannot locate the email invitation, please check with your agency IT resource to make sure that you are on the list to receive a Virtru license. 

Virtru Plugin for outlook

Note: before following the instructions below, you must complete the steps above to activate your license.

Step 1: Navigate to this URL: https://www.virtru.com/install

Step 2: Scroll down until you see: “Virtru For Microsoft” and click “Download

Step 3: Wait for the McAfee scan to finish scanning the file:

Step 4: Once the McAfee scan is completed, move the installer file to the desktop and double-click to install if the application does not start automatically. 
***You do not need administrative credentials to run the installer***

Step 5: Once the install has been initiated, your G Suite outlook profile should appear. Please select the profile that corresponds to your G Suite profile. The profile will have a “- G Suite” at the end of your email address.

Step 6: Once the Outlook profile loads, you will be greeted with this startup prompt: 

Select the “Authorize Me” link. Once clicked, select your email address and proceed further. 

Step 7: Once activated, you will receive the following email:

Step 8: Close Outlook and reopen. Once you reopen, select “New Message” and you will see that Virtru Encryption has been successfully integrated into Outlook.