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Virtru Setup

Users that have requested and have been provisioned a Virtru license can click here to install the Virtru application.

How to Send Secure with G Suite & Gmail

Control Forwarding 

Revoking Email Access

Virtru FAQs

How Recipients that do not have Virtru Open Your Message


For Virtru FAQs, click here.

Virtru Plugin for outlook

Step 1: Navigate to this URL: https://www.virtru.com/install

Step 2: Scroll down until you see: “Virtru For Microsoft” and click “Download

Step 3: Wait for the McAfee scan to finish scanning the file:

Step 4: Once the McAfee scan is completed, move the installer file to the desktop and double-click to install if the application does not start automatically. 
***You do not need administrative credentials to run the installer***

Step 5: Once the install has been initiated, your G Suite outlook profile should appear. Please select the profile that corresponds to your G Suite profile. The profile will have a “- G Suite” at the end of your email address.

Step 6: Once the Outlook profile loads, you will be greeted with this startup prompt: 

Select the “Authorize Me” link. Once clicked, select your email address and proceed further. 

Step 7: Once activated, you will receive the following email:

Step 8: Close Outlook and reopen. Once you reopen, select “New Message” and you will see that Virtru Encryption has been successfully integrated into Outlook.