Screen Sharing With Google Meet or Hangouts

Step 1: When you open up your email from the Chrome browser, select the icon that looks like a broken up square. From there select Meet or Hangouts.

Step 1a: If you use Hangouts, select "Video Call"

Step 2: If you receive the message, “Something is wrong with your camera or microphone,” don’t panic! It’s normal. Just select “Dismiss” and proceed further.

Step 3: Select “Start A New Meeting

Step 4: You will receive a message a that states “ want to:” Select “Allow

Step 5: Click Start Meeting

Step 6: You may receive a message that statesSomething is wrong with your camera or microphone.Don’t Panic! It’s normal. Just Select Dismissand proceed further.

Step 7: A prompt will appear that contains your sessions personal HTTPS link to your screen, a dial in number, and an audio pin number

Step 8: Once you have started your session, there will be an icon in the lower right portion of the screen that says Present Now

Step 9: You will then be presented with another option to either share Your Entire Screen” or “A Window.If you have one screen, select Your Entire Screen.If you have multiple monitors, selectA Windowand choose which monitor(s) to share.

Step 10: Once you have selected the screen(s) you wish to share, select Share Nowand you’re finished.

For Google Hangouts FAQs, click here.